Inno-Eko-Tech Energia, technologie kogeneracji i racjonalizacji gospodarowania energią

Inno-Eko-Tech, as a Competency Center of the Institute of Highway Technology and Innovation (IATI) Consortium is housed in a new Education and Research Center of alternative energy, sustainable building and environmental protection, on the campus of the Bialystok University of Technology in Bialystok.

The scientific task of the Inno-Eko-Tech is to develop and comprehensively support the small-scale technological solutions, local energy strategies and closed value chains for renewable energy generation as an applicable model for rural areas, leading to significant reduction of climate harming GHG-emission and improvement of the agricultural area in Central Europe.

Areas of special interest of Inno-Eko-Tech are:

  • microbial conversion of biomass and waste to bio-methane,
  • value of digestate from an agricultural perspective; biofertilizers in sustainable cropping systems;  effects of agricultural use of fermentation residues on the components and functions of agro-ecosystems,
  • catalytic conversion of waste and biomass by hydrothermal treatment, gasification of waste/biomass for combined heat and power production,
  • technical and environmental aspects of the production of cold pressed vegetable oils and its combustion in diesel engines,
  • technical aspects of daylight factor in interior lighting; energy efficiency in electrical systems; design of renewable energy micro-installations hybrid systems with energy accumulation in agriculture; remote metering for renewable energy sources,
  • management of by-productsfrom combustionof conventional fuels, fuelsderivedfrom renewablesources of energy andproducts of thermal mineralizationof sludge in the building industry,
  • recyclingof waste (eg. produced by theconstruction industry, power engineering) towards reducingthe demandfor raw materialsand energy consumption.

I-E-T has highly qualified staff among others in the area of: thermochemical conversion of biomass, power electronics and grid automation, micro-grids, sustainable building and building materials technology, agriculture and soil science

Competency Center Inno-Eko-Tech:

prof. dr Piotr Banaszuk


Bialystok University of Technology

Wiejska 45 A

15-351 Bialystok


e-mail address p.banaszuk@pb.edu.pl

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