Competence Center Intelligent networks and sensor technologies Technologie informacyjne i telekomunikacyjne (ICT)

Competence Center (CK) „Intelligent networks and sensor technologies” (ITSensor) established and operating at Wrocław University of Science and Technology specializes in widely understood intelligent networks techniques and sensor technologies as well as in the development and the market placement of new technologies and sensor systems. The Center is founded on its Partners’ potential in the form of the qualified scientific, engineering and managerial staff as well as on the possessed research infrastructure, organizational and infrastructural facilities supplemented by Polish entrepreneurs’ deployment potential.

At a more in-depth level, the main objectives of CK ITSensor include:

  1. Increasing the enterprise innovativeness by the transfer of knowledge and technologies
  2. Using the built research infrastructure, improving collaboration between Polish leading research institutions, focusing new and existing resources on investigations in areas of high priority to Poland’s development.
  3. Increasing Polish economy’s innovative products share in the international market by means of developing and devising new, unique technologies.
  4. Ecological safety improvement by means of developing and preparing for deployment new technologies and methods for monitoring environmental threats.
  5. An application-oriented growth of information and communication technologies in the monitoring of environmental threats and in other every-day life domains (the Internet of Things)

Scientific and application-oriented research and areas of prospective cooperation between CK and enterprises in the scope of sensors and detectors include:

  1. Biosensors
  2. Optical/photonic gas sensors
  3. Transducers construction
  4. MEMS/NEMS/MOEMS sensors and microsensors
  5. A development of flexible and/or printed sensors
  6. Designing and constructing chemical sensors
  7. Designing chemical gas sensors
  8. Sensor networks
  9. Sensor technologies

Contact CK:

Contact person: Waldemar Grzebyk

Telephone: +48713204766

e-mail: Waldemar.Grzebyk@pwr.edu.pl

For more information: https://itsensor-iati.e-science.pl/home/

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