KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology

R&D Projects concerning mechanization of mining and minerals beneficiation processes and the associated projects on environmental protection and work safety as well as implementation of project results in industrial practice are the main scope of KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology activity. KOMAG’s projects concern man-machine-environment relationship and are they are oriented onto the scientific, research and technical activity, to develop and implement innovative solution for the industry. The projects include mechanical and mechatronic systems, machines and equipment for underground mining and for mechanical minerals processing as well as the systems for control, diagnostics and monitoring. KOMAG develops the designs and technical documentation of machines and equipment as well as offers expert opinions regarding optimal selection of machines and equipment adapted to the current mining conditions. Accredited laboratories carry out, among others, the tests of powered roof supports and hydraulic actuating components, environmental tests and industrial measurements as well as the work on material and environmental engineering. KOMAG’s activity also includes services in the scope of analyses, designing and special solutions on air quality, soil protection, wastes management, transfer of technologies, standardization as well as assessment and certification of machines and equipment as regards requirements of four directives: Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, ATEX Directive and Toy Safety Directive.  KOMAG’s Division of Attestation Tests, Certifying Body, notified within MD, ATEX, LVD and Toys Safety Directives certifies the products and management systems.

KOMAG’s state-of-the-art testing infrastructure enables carrying out interdisciplinary scientific investigations. Accredited laboratories realize both research projects and the projects for the industrial partners. Their main goal is to improve work safety in the mining industry and increase reliability of mechanical and mechatronic systems. International KOMAG’s activity is dominated by the problems resulting from the main strategy of our organization, where participation in European Union research programmes is one of the priorities. Some actions are undertaken to extend traditional directions and forms of collaboration and to establish new research programmes. These programmes concern especially such areas as health protection, energy, mechatronics, new materials and technologies as well as ecology.

Collaboration of KOMAG with many Polish and foreign research organizations determines its position in the European research area.


KOMAG has the quality management system according to the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 Standard.

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