Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency (DARR SA)

Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency (DARR SA) is the business support organisation established in 1991, with the objective of providing support for the social and economic transformation of the Wałbrzych region, the restructuring of its economy and the development of businesses.

The mission of DARR is to provide support for the development of private business enterprises and the adaptation of structures within the business environment towards working in conjunction with the European Union. DARR SA specialises in the following areas:

  • obtaining support resources within the framework of European Regional Programmes and managing the use of these resources through the supervision of regional project implementation, including infrastructure and development projects, training programmes, consultancies and so forth,
  • business consultations, economic and financial advisory services,
  • regional restructuring, construction of regional and local development strategies,
  • education in various areas of economic and business activities,
  • business restructuring and the creation of new economic initiatives,
  • the evaluation of investment projects and the analysis of their feasibility,
  • application, implementation, and accounting procedures, in accordance with European Union requirements,
  • strategic planning and risk assessment for business and economic enterprises,
  • the products of regional business enterprises promotion – both nationally and abroad,
  • the collection, storage and provision of business information.

Since 2009 DARR SA has been managing the Lower Silesian Technology Park (T-Park). T-Park’s task is to create favorable conditions for the implementation of manufacturing and services projects based on highly advanced production technology, while guaranteeing the safety of the natural environment, highly innovative products, unique solutions and products which are attractive to industry.

The offer is addressed primarily to business enterprises and entrepreneurs, as well as to local self-governing authorities: communes, districts and voivodships.

Website www.darr.pl
E-mail darr@darr.pl
Adress ul. Szczawieńska 2,
58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój
Phone (74) 648 04 00
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