Poznan University of Technology

Poznan University of Technology is a modern technical university with 95-year long tradition, and boasting the great experience in the scope of intellectual property management and broad cooperation with industry, including commercialization of achievements.  The participants in the implementation of research results are the Centre for Innovations, Development and Technology Transfer (CIRiTT PP), Research and Development Office, and Patent Attorney. These processes are assisted by 3 innovation brokers.

In the period 2010-2012,  Poznan University of Technology received 131 exclusive rights to inventions, upholds 21 patents, and applied for more than 250 others, including industrial designs and trademarks. Innovations developed by our scientists win numerous awards at international exhibitions and fairs, including IWIS, Inventions Geneva, Brussels Innova, the International Fair of Inventions in Seoul, iENA, Concours Lépine and Poznan International Fairs.

An extensive database of the offers of Poznan University of Technology is available on the website of the Wielkopolska Innovation Platform, created within the framework of the project Support Program for Innovative Projects carried out in cooperation with Poznan City Hall and seven Poznan universities as well as scientific and research institutions.

The execution of projects, especially those aimed at of the implementation and commercialization,  is coordinated by the specialists form Research and Development Office of Poznan University of Technology. Currently, there are more than 100 ongoing NCN research projects, 10 scholarship programs of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, nearly 30 projects co-financed by EU Structural Funds (including 13 Innovative Economy Operational Programme [PO IG], 14 Human Capital Operational Programme [PO KL])), as well as 14 of the EU FP 7 and 112 other projects ( including PBS 13, Innotech 8 with NCBiR (the National Center for Research and Development). Moreover, in the year 2012 more than 200 research topics were undertaken as part of the statutory activity, about 70 under own research,  and a number of orders directly from the industry were completed.

Poznan University of Technology has a very good world-class premises and infrastructure as well as  scientific and research facilities located  mainly on Piotrowo Campus where, in recent years, another 3 modern complexes were built: the Lecture Centre and Library, the Mechatronics, Biomechanics and Nanoengineering Centre, and Educational Centre of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. The website of Poznan University of Technology provides  the catalogs of the latest equipment of individual faculties, being an attractive offer encouraging for cooperation with business.

Website www.put.poznan.pl/
Adress Pl. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 5
60-965 Poznań