About IATI



IATI came into existence on 15 July 2014. The challenges that Poland has to meet within the financial perspective 2014-2020 and after this period, require particular responsibility and creativity. Establishing a relevant consortium IATI is the way in which Polish scientists and economy leadres reply to the need of close and effective cooperation. The consortium will serve as the platform of cooperation between business enterprises and research and development centres and will act as a catalyst for joint scientific and implementation initiatives.

Seventeen universities, with Wroclaw University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology as leaders, two research institutes and three business enterprises signed the contract establishing the consortium. The institute is an open initiative, so it is developing very fast and many new members are joining it. The next nine institutions have declared the will to join IATI. The partners of the consortium focus their activities on the areas concerning the fields of research defined in the project ”Technological Foresight of Industry-Insight 2030” and being in accordance with domestic and regional smart specializations. Moreover, highly specialized teams cooperate with each other in solving specific technical and technological problems, creating Centres of Competence on the territory of Poland. Our mission is to create the relations of confidence and to establish contacts which are essential for effective realisation of research projects and to create a friendly atmosphere vital for the cooperation of all Partners.

By our active involvement in the process of consolidating Polish scientists and business leaders we encourage you to join IATI and to form a close and effective cooperation in establishing and running Centres of Competence, the catalysts for the development of Polish economy.