Rzeszów University of Technology

Rzeszow University of Technology acts as a leading innovative centre in Podkarpcie province and it actively cooperates with the industry by implementing joint research projects. Rzeszow University of Technology owns about 70 patented inventions and utility models and nearly 70 solutions which are awaiting to be granted a patent.

The University is involved in various kinds of cluster initiatives, it educates specialized personnel and it runs all sorts of research services.

Every year the University runs a few hundred services for aviation, chemical, machine, pharmaceutical, construction, computer, electrotechnical  and energy industry as well as for public administration institutions. In 2014 the Rzeszow University of Technology ran nearly 300 services, mainly for the industry.

The University also implements a number of research projects with the focus to use the results of the project in practice, i.e. in the industry. We cooperate with such big enterprises as WSK “PZL Rzeszow” S.A., BorgWarner Poland Sp. z o.o., Hamilton Sundstrand Poland as well as with enterprises of small and medium size.

High technological level of solutions found by the academic staff of the Rzeszow University of Technology can be confirmed by a number of awards won at the international exhibitions in Geneva, Seoul. Brussels, Sevastopol, Cluj-Napoca and Warsaw.

Rzeszow University of Technology was one of the twelve prize-winners of the ”Incubator of Innovations”, contest organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. This will allow to extend the activities of the University in the area of technology transfer.

Rzeszow University of Technology is a member of the Centre of Advanced Technology ”AERONET – Aviation Valley”, which focuses on the activities in the area of  design and design research, aircraft engines, information and telecommunication in aviation and avionics systems, material engineering, modern manufacturing technologies in aviation industry as well as aerodynamics.

The Research and Development Laboratory for Aerospace Materials at the Rzeszow University of Technology is equipped with a specialized educational and research apparatus. In the area of the material property research the laboratory has the accreditation of National Aerospace Defence Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap), the global organization which sets common standards for special processes as well as standards of research procedures in the aviation, space and military industry and in other related branches of industry.

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