Bialystok University of Technology

Bialystok University of Technology is the largest technical university in the north-eastern region of Poland. We are a modern, dynamically developing institution with 65-year-old experience in educating scientists and technologists. At present there are nearly 12 thousand students studying at Bialystok University of Technology in its 7 faculties.
Bialystok University of Technology attracts talented students and partners. The last few years have brought about an intense investment period: between 2010 and 2014, Bialystok University of Technology implemented 28 European Union-funded projects whose total value was nearly 270 million zlotys (over 62 million Euros). This money was used to improve the university’s infrastructure as well as laboratory and research equipment, which provides better conditions for making good use of young people’s knowledge, intellectual potential, ideas, and enthusiasm.
Research conducted at Bialystok University of Technology is connected with the development directions and needs of our region. BUT is a beneficiary of projects under the Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voivodship 2007-2013, which are focused on research and education as well as on promoting and implementing pro-ecological solutions using RESs, renewable energy sources. We carry out thorough analyses of energy efficiency in structures and systems, and also of the possibilities to use renewable energy and produce biogas and biofuels. The technological and organizational solutions concerning RESs, verified in projects completed at our university, will result in improving the air quality and reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs of objects; they will also allow for diversification of energy sources.
Podlaskie Voivodeship is known from ecological food production and virgin nature, which naturally promotes development of essential areas like: medicine, environmental protection and agro-food industry. Current development in medicine, diagnostics of environmental and food focusing in the most advanced photonic technologies, recognized as one of the five Leading European Technology. Bialystok University of Technology, has been realizing investigations in the field of optical fiber technology and applications for decades has created a modern Laboratory of Optical Fiber Technology, which was joined to the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures. Photonic structures being developed in modern laboratories of BUT are the basic elements of advanced lasers, light sources and sensors for applications in medical diagnostics and therapy and monitoring of the environment and industrial processes In 2010 BUT established an Institute of Innovation and Technology Ltd. The purpose of the company is to support pre-incubation and implementation of projects, the results of which can find applications in industry.

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