Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology

Academic year 2014/2015 is special for Cracow University of Technology as it marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the University whose mission involves both educating students so as to provide them with excellent qualifications and competence to work in the engineering profession and to develop innovative research that will best serve society and the economy. Our strategic goal is to perform the role of an innovative and entrepreneurial educational institution where education is on a par with research and transfer of technologies to the economy.

At present our researchers are working on a number of projects which have good chance of being implemented. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The car of the future, an ultralight electric vehicle called ‘Buzz’. Its batteries can be charged using a standard household socket. The vehicle has been qualified for protection under Registered Community Design which means that its appearance will be protected across the European Union.
  2. A method of obtaining nanometals using vegetable oil extracts and nanometal suspensions.
  3. Method of obtaining hydroxyapatite calcium phosphate(HA) containing silver particles which can be applied in surgery to reconstruct bone defects.
  4. Technology of computer modeling of a custom skull prosthesis.
  5. Susceptible polymer joint is a construction element which allows load bearing in built objects where joints are susceptible to great deformities.

Cracow University of Technology has submitted over 500 applications for technology patents to the Patent Office of the Polish Republic. Each year the University Faculties  sign several hundred agreements with industry.

In last period we go for energy efficiency and ecology. Established in 2014 the Laboratory of Energy-efficient Building is  the first place in Poland to do such large-scale research on energy efficient technologies and the comfort of the occupants of low-energy buildings.

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