AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is a modern technical university that actively participates in the development of knowledge society and the application of modern technologies to stimulate development and economic growth.

The outstanding research potential of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is reflected in the broad range of research, the results of which allow to design innovative products and technologies. The University is famous especially for its achievements in innovative IT solutions. The University’s strong areas include also physics, power engineering, seeking and processing of mineral materials, mechatronics, control engineering, and robotics. Intensive research is being carried out on new materials and biomedical engineering, as well.

The University’s strong position is manifested in its cooperation with many sectors of the industry, as well as participation in national and international scientific and industrial consortia, such as Polish Higher Education-Business Forum, the “InnoEnergy” KIC (the University coordinates the activity of the Polish “CC Poland Plus” node) or the “Raw Materials” KIC.

The development of new fields of research would not be possible without the University’s excellent infrastructure, including almost 680 modern laboratories, as well as many recent projects, such as: the Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology, IT Centre or Ceramics Centre. The University is also finalizing the construction of the Centre of Energy – the greatest project in its history. The Centre will also be the largest specialist laboratory in Poland. In 2014, the University signed a contract for the delivery of “Prometheus” – the largest supercomputer in the history of Poland. It will be four times stronger than the famous “Zeus” – so far the best supercomputer in East-Central Europe.

The latest achievements, such as first place among Polish universities in the number of patent applications submitted to the European Patent Office and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Prize awarded to the University in 2013 for special activity in promoting invention on the international scene, are the result of individual work, as well as teamwork, of highest class specialists working for the University.

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