The Main School of Fire Sevice

The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) performs tasks for fire safety and is a leading entity in the field of safety engineering in the following specialties: fire safety and civil safety.

It is worth noting that the Main School of Fire Service have a rich 75-year tradition of fire safety education, and at the moment is carrying out research and development works in the field of chemical and ecological rescue, fire protection systems, fire-fighting  and rescue equipment, fire safety and civil protection.

The university has a modern research infrastructure, particularly in the area of safety engineering, including unique devices in Poland to study combustion and explosion phenomena and to cease these processes. The research are focused on innovation and implementation of combustion retardants and inhibitors, means for extinguishing fires and eliminating contamination, technical fire protection systems, emergency equipment, tactics and techniques of rescue operations, command at every level of crisis management and civil protection. The results of research projects in the field of security and defence is the implementation of the latest analytical tools which enable effective decision-making in the area of citizens safety.

SGSP conducts research in the field of civil protection. The research take into account the changes in Poland, Europe and the world, in terms of public safety and the subsequent need to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the entities responsible for the protection of the population, both in crisis situations during peace and in time of military interventions. Research findings correspond to the Lisbon Strategy and the Bologna process of a common European research and didactic space.

In the years 2006-2014 the university implemented a number of scientific  and research and development projects including:

• 8 projects in the frame of the 7th Framework Programme

• 2 projects in the frame of the Structural Funds financed from the Operational Programmes.

• 22 research and development projects, financed by the National Centre for Research and Development

• 6 other research projects.

The Main School of Fire Service also implements educational projects in the framework of the Polish Development Assistance financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2011-2014 SGSP completed 8 of such projects.


The total value, only for SGSP, of the above research projects amounts to approx 60 million PLN.

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