Competence Centres

Thematic Areas

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  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Nano-Processes and Nano-Products
  • Advanced Production Systems and Materials
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Microelectronics
  • Photonic
  • Energy and Cogeneration Technologies of Energy efficiency
  • Raw Materials
  • Healthy Society
  • Green Economy
  • Security
  • Transport
  • Environment
(Polski) Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Odnawialnych Źródeł Energii
in progress
(Polski) Miniaturyzacja w ochronie środowiska/zdrowia oraz w bezpieczeństwie narodowym
(Polski) CEMIZ (CEntrum Metod IZotopowych)
e Technologies
(Polski) Technologia, automatyzacja wytwarzania i charakterystyka warstw powierzchniowych
Fire and chemical safety competence center
Local pro-health food
Bioservice Innovative Center for Analysis and Implementation
Center for Surface Engineering
Center for Fatigue Investigations of Materials and Mechanical Structures
Competence Center of Industrial Biotechnology
Competency Center of the Design and Execution of Modern Tools for Polymer Processing and Recycling
The Competence Center IT in Service Economy (CC ITSE)
The Competence Center POLYGENIUS specializing in chemistry, technology and processing of polymeric materials and operating
Food – Region – Future
Smart Energy-Efficient Building
Rail Transport Competence Center (RTCC)
Technologies Helping Out Natural Management of Organic and Mineral Waste Competence Center
The Reclamation and Revitalization Center (RRC)
Center of Life Cycle Modeling (CLCM)
Center of projects and metropolitan studies – COMPAS
SORTS Competence Center
(Polski) Droga w Przestrzeń
Transport Infrastructure Competence Centre
Center of prestressing and sliding technology for engineering and road engineering structures
Consortium for Automation and Mechanical System Control
(Polski) Bezpieczeństwo energetyczne
Process Safety Competence Center
Defense and defense technologies in state security
(Polski) Kompatybilność elektromagnetyczna systemów i urządzeń
Environment and the Green Economy Engineering Center
Competency Center for Raw Materials Processing
The Center of Modern Mining Technologies
Economic-social center for supporting the implementation of technologies in the mineral industry
Center of resource-efficient economy in environmental engineering
Clean Coal Technologies Center
Energy Sector of the Future
Energy from wastes
The use of productions waste materials for produce energy
(Polski) Bezpieczeństwo w Cyberprzestrzeni
Modern Computer Science Technology Centre
Green Networking Competence Center
Competence Center Intelligent networks and sensor technologies
Multimedia Networks, Devices and Services
Coordinate Measuring Center
Research and Implementation Center for Lithium Batteries
Competency Centre of Metals Processing and Metallic Composites
Eco-Innovation Material Center
Competence Center “Joining and modification structural materials using the welding technology” – InnoWeld Poland Consortium
Center of Technical and Medical Diagnostics
(Polski) Centrum Technologii (Bio)Kompozytów
Center of culture heritage and historic monuments
Laboratory of sonochemical nanotechnologies (LabSoN)
Nanocomposites Fibrous Center
Water and Environment
Center of Satellite Environmental Monitoring
Smart Power Grids
Center of Photonic Materials Technology and Optoelectronic Systems
(Polski) Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii Materiałów Ceramicznych, Metali i Stopów oraz Kompozytów i Polimerów
(Polski) Centrum Surowców mineralnych, Pierwiastków Krytycznych