Clean Coal Technologies Center Energia, technologie kogeneracji i racjonalizacji gospodarowania energią

The Competence Center – Clean Coal Technologies Center is an initiative created within the Consortium: ”Institute – the Freeway of Technology and Innovation” (IATI) by the coordinator of the Competence Centre – Główny Instytut Górnictwa (Central Mining Institute) and the Partners.
The Competence Centre is active in the research and Development of Clean Coal Technologies. The key competences provided of the Competence Centre encompass:
• Exploitation of coal deposits applying Underground Coal Gasification technology (in-situ),
• Processes of chemical processing of coal targeted at obtaining gas and liquid products for application in the energy and raw material sectors (gasification and direct coal hydrogenation),
• Technologies for separation and purification of gases from thermo-chemical fuel processing including CO2 separation from process and flue gases (membrane processes, adsorption and absorption),
• Low-emission energy technologies based on the coal and biomass combustion processes including co-combustion,
• Complex quality analysis and assessment of the potential of solid fuels for specific energy applications and chemical processing,
• Protection of atmospheric air from pollutants produced in combustion processes and thermo-chemical processing of coal fuels,
• Energy efficiency analysis of the energy devices and installations as well as energy audit procedures,
• Expert opinions on the technical, economic and environmental aspects of chemical processing of coal,
• Feasibility studies and process design of coal gasification and liquefaction technologies, as well as process gas cleaning.


Koordynator „Centrum Czystych Technologii Węglowych”

prof. dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Stańczyk

tel.: +48 32 259 22 67

e-mail: kstanczyk@gig.eu


Osoba do kontaktu:

Aleksandra Tokarz

tel: +48 32 259 24 25

e-mail: atokarz@gig.eu


Adres korespondencyjny:

Główny Instytut Górnictwa

Plac Gwarków 1,

40 – 166 Katowice

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