The use of productions waste materials for produce energy Energia, technologie kogeneracji i racjonalizacji gospodarowania energią

The key sphere of activities of Competence Center is the use of production waste materials in particular biofuels for energy purposes in the framework of achieving energy efficiency.

The most important competence in the subject of activity of the Centre are:
• Rationalisation of the combustion process in engines and power generation boilers
• The use of waste materials to supply spark ignition engines and dual fueled diesel engines
• dual fuel power of engines with spark ignition and compression ignition
• Cogeneration of power and heat
• Supervision of investment, startup and operation of cogeneration power units
• Rationalisation of power transmission
• Heat exchangers

In the framework of cooperation the Centre proposes to participate in the following areas:
• Dual fuel supply of spark ignition engines with hydrated ethyl alcohol,
• Power of generator engines with natural-, mine-, fermentation-, landfill-, industrial-gases – SI systems and dual fuel CI systems,
• The use of glycerol as waste in the production of bio-fuels to power of diesel engines and heating boilers,
• Smoke opacity limit in dual fuel CI engines fueled mainly by gas,
• Modelling of heat transfer in power equipment (e.g. exchangers freon-water used as a heat source of the heat pump),
• Optimization of the combustion process in engines running on the alternative fuels of a low calorific values.

Submitted above proposals could be a source of ideas implemented in future joint research projects of the institutions interested in cooperation with the Centre.
The Centre has modern research laboratories, comprising the following equipment:
• First-class special apparatus for engines indicating
• Unique apparatus for the programming of injection control, ignition, recirculation and supercharge of SI dual fuel engines
• Unique controllers of common rail system, allowing the division of the dose into 5 parts, freely formation size, profile and injection time
• Unique supply controller of diesel engines with CNG
• Engine exhaust gas analyzers
• First-class modern smoke meter
• Unique apparatus for measuring fuel consumption, air flow and exhaust gas recirculation
• Test benches for testing: engines, injection pumps, elements of common rail control systems.

Manager CC:  Zdzislaw Stelmasiak, Prof. Assoc. Eng.

University of Bielsko-Biała

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Department of Combustion Engines and Vehicles

43-300 Bielsko-Biała, ul. Willowa 2

tel. 33 82-79-216, fax: 33 82-79-351

e-mail: zstelmasiak@ath.bielsko.pl

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