Laboratory of sonochemical nanotechnologies (LabSoN) Nanoprocesy i nanoprodukty

Laboratory of sonochemical nanotechnologies (LabSoN), as a Competence Center of the Institute of Highway Technology and Innovation (IATI) Consortium, is looking for opportunities to participate together with international  partner(s) in programs concerned on applications of ultrasounds in nanotechnology.

Areas of special interest of LabSoN are:

  • development of new, effective and environmentally safe nanotechnologies;
  • application of ultrasounds for nanotechnologies;
  • design and investigations of new types of sonoreactors made from special materials;
  • development of carbon and ferroelectric semiconductor hybrid nanomaterials;
  • development of nanosensors.

Members of Consortium are:  Silesian University of Technology, WASKO S.A, VIGO System S.A., Intersonic S.C., University of Silesia, Wroclaw University of Technology

LabSoN Consortium Partners have highly qualified and titled staff  among others in the area of: nanotechnology,  electronics, solid state physics,  acoustics and sonochemistry.

Laboratory of sonochemical nanotechnologies

Institute of Physics, Silesian University of Technology, Str. Krasinskiego 8
 40-019 Katowice, Poland

Tel. +48 666357124, +48326034156

e-mail: Marian.Nowak@polsl.pl



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