(Polski) Centrum Technologii (Bio)Kompozytów Zaawansowane systemy wytwarzania i materiały

The Centre of (Bio)Composites Technology (CTB), which is coordinated by Prof. A. Błędzki at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, is active in the field OT3 – Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Materials:

  • BIO – bio-product engineering
  • AGRO – agricultural engineering
  • TECH – new material manufacturing technologies, including (bio)nanotechnology

The CTB activities focus on the research areas related to modern industrial biotechnology and the green bio-economy:

  • advanced (bio)composites and manufacturing systems
  • bio-renewable resources
  • (bio)nanotechnology and (bio)nanocomposites
  • environmentally friendly products and devices


CTB partners

  • ZUT teams:
  • Biotechnology and Packaging Materials
    dr hab. inż. A. Bartkowiak Contact
  • Materials Engineering – prof. dr hab. inż.
    Rosłaniec Contact
  • Polymer Materials – prof. dr hab. inż. Spychaj Contact
  • Composites and Biocomposites – prof. dr hab. inż.
    Błędzki Contact
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Mechatronics – dr hab. inż. Pajor, prof. ZUT Contact
  • Professional Industrial Institutes:
  • Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plant
    dr inż. Władyka-Przybylak, prof. IWNiRZ Contact
  • Wood Technology Institute – dr inż. W. Strykowski, prof. ITD. Contact
  • Central Mining Institute – dr inż. H. Rydarowski Contact
  • Metal Forming Institute – dr hab. inż. H. Wiśniewska-Weinert, prof. IOP Contact
  • Academic teams:
  • Mechanical Engineering and Robotics – prof. dr hab. inż. T. Uhl, AGH Contact
  • Materials Science and Applied Mechanics – dr hab. inż. Kaleta, prof. PWr Contact
  • Engineering and Polymer Technology – prof. dr hab. inż. Pigłowski, PWr Contact
  • Plastic Processing – prof. dr hab. inż. T. Sterzyński, PP Contact
  • Mechanical Technology – dr hab. inż. Staniek, prof. PP Contact
  • Precision Mechanics – prof. dr hab. inż. Kacalak, PK Contact
  • Automotive Engineering – dr hab. inż. H. Bielefeldt, prof. UZ. Contact

Members of the Centre of (Bio)Composites Technology (CTB) include qualified personnel (415 scientific and 210 technical employees) specialised in polymer materials processing, nanotechnology, advanced biocomposite manufacturing systems, environmentally friendly products and equipment, and bio-renewable resources. They are also equipped with modern infrastructure and scientific equipment.

The Centre of (Bio)Composites Technology (CTB) is open to cooperation, scientific and industrial partnerships, and new research areas.

Coordinator / Head of CTB:  Prof. Andrzej K. Błędzki, PhD, DSc, dr h.c.

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Institute of Materials Engineering

Piastów 19 Avenue

70-310 Szczecin, Poland

tel. (91) 449 44 11, fax (91) 449 4356

e-mail: Andzej.Bledzki@zut.edu.pl


Contact person

Magdalena Urbaniak, PhD

tel. (91) 449 45 74

e-mail: Magdalena.Urbaniak@zut.edu.pl

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