The Competence Center POLYGENIUS specializing in chemistry, technology and processing of polymeric materials and operating Zaawansowane systemy wytwarzania i materiały

The Competence Center POLYGENIUS specializing in chemistry, technology and processing of polymeric materials and operating in the Subject Area of Advanced systems of production and of materials was established in Ignacy Lukasiewicz Rzeszów University of Technology.
The partners of Competence Center POLYGENIUS are the renown both in Poland and internationally the scientific centers such as the Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials of Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze, Tadeusz Kościuszko Krakow University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis “Blachownia”. The partners of the Consortium employ highly qualified personnel including specialist with high rank academic degrees and most modern equipment dedicated to technology development in the broad area of polymer science and technology.
The main task of the Competence Center is to develop and broaden cooperation between academic and industrial R&D units. In particular the activity will focus on developing research and implementation of modern technologies and products as well as promoting modern knowledge in the field of polymer science and technology.
POLYGENIUS consortium as a Center of Competence being a part of the Institute Highway of Technology and Innovations (IATI) concentrates on all subjects related to the field of polymer chemistry and technology.
In particular the topics of interest of the consortium are:
• design and development of production and/or modification technologies of polymeric materials for various applications both standard (e.g. construction materials, coatings, adhesives) and special ones (e.g. biomaterials, nanocomposites).
• optimization of polymer processing technologies for thermoplastics, thermo- and chemosets, including composites, nanocomposites and oxybiodegradable materials;
• characterization and assessment of rheological, mechanical, surface and thermal properties, flammability, aging resistance etc.
• applying modern IT technologies to:
• modelling chemical reactions, physical and chemical processes as well as designing synthesis;
• simulation and designing industrial chemical processes;
• computer optimization of polymer product construction and their processing;
• building data bases for chemical products fulfilling the recommendations of IUPAC Commissions
• production and quality assessment of materials produced by automotive, aviation, and machine industries, in electronics, civil engineering and packaging industry,
• process engineering and production management in order to optimize manufacturing procedures in chemical, biotechnological, food and pharmaceutical industries;
• improvement of technologies used in polymer processing industry leading to safe and efficient production with modernization of technologies and production equipment;
• training technical personnel in the field of chemical technology and process engineering in order to improve qualifications by updating professional knowledge.

Head of the Competence Center POLYGENIUS:

Prof. Dr hab. inż. Henryk Galina
e-mail: hgal@prz.edu.pl
tel./fax (0 17) 854 36 55

Faculty of Chemistry
Ignacy Lukasiewicz Rzeszów University of Technology
al. Powstańców Warszawy 6
35-959 Rzeszów

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