Research and Implementation Center for Lithium Batteries Zaawansowane systemy wytwarzania i materiały

Currently, lithium batteries technology is the fastest growing area associated with storage and conversion of electric energy for the purposes of mobile devices, transport, renewable energy and smart grids networks. The Center has serious, internationally confirmed R&D potential in the field of design and development of functional materials and processes for lithium and sodium batteries technology. The objective is to develop innovative Li-ion and Na-ion batteries of high energy density and a high level of safety using potential and experience of Polish researchers, which allows for development and production of Polish Li-ion (Na-ion) battery.

(Polski) Publikacje:

  1. Łukasz Kondracki, Andrzej Kulka, Anna Milewska, Janina Molenda
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    Electrochimica Acta, Volume 227, 10 February 2017, Pages 294-302
  2. Emil Hanc, Wojciech Zając, Li Lu, Binggong Yan, Masashi Kotobuki, Magdalena Ziąbka, Janina Molenda
    On fabrication procedures of Li-ion conducting garnets
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 17 January 2017
  3. Bartłomiej Gędziorowski, Marek Fuksa, Janina Molenda
    Synthesis and characterization of Li(LiyFezV1 − y − z)O2 − δ — cathode material for Li-ion batteries
    Solid State Ionics, Volume 288, May 2016, Pages 171-175
  4. Andrzej Kulka, Konrad Świerczek, Katarzyna Walczak, Artur Braun, Janina Molenda Correlation between transport properties and lithium extraction/insertion mechanism in Fe-site substituted phosphoolivine
    Solid State Ionics, Volume 288, May 2016, Pages 184-192
  5. Dominika Baster, Wojciech Zając, Łukasz Kondracki, Filip Hartman, Janina Molenda
    Improvement of electrochemical performance of Na0.7Co1 − yMnyO2—cathode material for rechargeable sodium-ion batterie
    Solid State Ionics, Volume 288, May 2016, Pages 213-218

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