Eco-Innovation Material Center Zaawansowane systemy wytwarzania i materiały

Eco-Innovation Material Center is one of five centers operating at Technical University of Czestochowa. Research area includes subjects OT3 “Advanced manufacturing systems and materials”, in which there are three departments of the University of Czestochowa: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology and Faculty of Civil Engineering and an environmental company with modern materials processing industry including HEMAR, TEST and MAPRO Poland. Research potential Centre of Eco-Innovation Material allows for realization of a comprehensive projects, particularly within the the Horizon 2020 project.
Eco-Innovation Material Center is interested in co-operation in any project that meet the case of four desirable project proposals’ characteristics:

• Development of technologies and concepts.
• New research project.
• Comparative validation of technologies and concepts of existing research.
• Cross-cutting issues of existing research projects

Areas of special interest of Eco-Innovation Material Center are:

• Development and implementation of procedures, techniques and equipment used to minimize the
loss of materials in technological processes.
• Development of innovative materials with a surface layer that meet high usage requirements.
• Application of advanced manufacturing systems for obtaining the structure and properties
of eco-innovation materials.
• Manufacturing technologies and quality assessment of modern materials.
• Development and implementation of techniques for recovery and development of products in order
to reduce the formation of hazardous waste.
• Development and optimization techniques in the development of new products eco-innovation
• Development and implementation of techniques for recycling of waste materials.
• Obtaining of side raw materials from the processes of production and processing.
• Classification of waste materials, optimization and quality control of processes of their development.

Eco-Innovation Material Center’s Partners have highly qualified and titled staff among others in the area of: polymer processing, polymeric materials, technology of polymer processing and machining,
computer-aided polymer processing, tools for polymer processing, ceramic materials, metallic and non-metallic materials and coatings.

Head of Centre:

Eng., Ph.D. Adam GNATOWSKI, Assoc. Prof.

Technical University of Czestochowa

e-mail:  gnatowski@ipp.pcz.pl;  centrumkompetencji@adm.pcz.pl

phone: (48 34) 3250 661


Contact Person:

Eng., Ph.D. Agata DUDEK, Assoc. Prof.

Technical University of Czestochowa

e-mail:  dudek@wip.pcz.plcentrumkompetencji@adm.pcz.pl

phone: (48 34) 3250 701

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