Transport Infrastructure Competence Centre Transport

Transport Infrastructure Competence Centre at the Institute of Highway Technology and Innovation (IATI), is coordinated by the Institute of Road and Railway Engineering, Cracow University of Technology.

The main areas of the “Transport Infrastructure” Competence Centre’s activity are:

  • the analysis and modelling of traffic processes
  • the planning determinants and design fundamentals of road and rail transport infrastructure
  • the studies of road and rail transport infrastructure safety and efficiency
  • the development of methods of road, rail and airport pavement construction, their materials and new technologies
  • the recycling of materials used in construction of transport infrastructure
  • the analysis of the impact of transport infrastructure on the environment
  • the development and application of intelligent transport management systems and traffic control
  • the modeling and optimization of transport network processes
  • logistics systems and infrastructure, supply chain management
  • internal transport and warehouse technology

In addition to the listed activities, it is possible to provide research and scientific surveys corresponding to the specific problems of competence and experience of individual partners in the “Transport Infrastructure” Competence Centre. The partners are as follows:

  • Cracow University of Technology – Institute of Road and Railway Engineering, Institute of Construction and Transportations Engineering and Management, Institute of Structural Mechanics
  • Silesian Technical University – Department of Transport Systems and Traffic Engineering
  • Szczecin University – Faculty of Management and Economics of Services
  • Bialystok Technical University – Department of Highway Engineering
  • Kielce University of Technology – Department of Transportation Engineering
  • Scientific-Industrial Consortium of Civil Engineering (Cracow University of Technology, EKKOM, the Marshal of the Malopolska Region)
  • PTV Group, Karlsruhe
  • International Management Services, Krakow

Coordinator and contact person:

Prof. Dr Eng. Stanisław Gaca

Institute of Road and Railway Engineering,

Cracow University of Technology

Warszawska str. 24

31-155 Krakow


telef. 12 6282320

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