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The purpose of the Competence Center “Food – Region – Future” is preparation of research, implementation and education projects aimed at health aspects of modern societies using both the specific nutraceuticals as well as regional and traditional foods products.

Information about Competence Center

Competence Centre “Food – Region – Future” co-work with scientific institutions and companies with great experience in such fields like: food technology and human nutrition, biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, genetics, anthropology, environmental studies, economics, sociology, logistics.

Scientific studies are focused on better understanding the impact of agri-food sector and food distribution logistics for the quality of life of the regional populations.

Quality of the life in modern societies is dependent on many factors, but the most important seems to be the environment, food and nutrition strongly influencing both the health and economic development of regional society.

Activity of the Competence Centre “Food – Region – Future” will be supported by activities of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS), such as planned Center for Innovative Food Technology and Nutrition together with the Food Processing & Gastronomy Laboratory where the entire complex will be situated in Wrocław-Biskupin. That Center will be specialized in the creation and technology transfer dedicated to producers of the pro-health bio- products. The second initiative of the WUELS is the plan to establish a Regional Product Centre (RPC) in Wrocław-Pawłowice, where production of selected local products (meat products, dairy, egg, cereal, vegetable, fruit, wine, etc.) will take place in pilot scale or small industrial scale. RPC will be a research-implementation, demonstration and training project and its creation will help to transfer the innovative technological solutions to the regional food producers. CPR will also cooperate with local food producers in different regions.

Area of interest

– plant and animal origin raw materials in the context of high-quality & pro-health food production,

– production and the role of nutraceuticals in human health,

– development of food production technologies and ways of food preservation dedicated to the local populations,

– assessment and certification methods of pro-health-food, including regional and traditional products,

– identification and analysis of biological markers of local human populations as compared to the health aspects,

– study of environmental conditions, social and health aspects in the context of the overall quality of the life of local populations,

– analysis of the relationship among the local agri-food sector, logistics of food distribution and the economy of the investigated regions,

– analysis of the dietary habits of local populations.

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