The Reclamation and Revitalization Center (RRC) Środowisko

The Reclamation and Revitalization Center (RRC), as a Competence Center of the Institute of Highway Technology and Innovation (IATI) Consortium, is looking for opportunities to participate and co-operate together with international partner(s) in any project that meet the areas of special interest: reclamation, phytoremediation, industrial and urban sites revitalization and sustainable  development.

The Reclamation and Revitalization Center (RRC)  experts have highly qualified and titled staff among others in the area of: post-industrial sites reclamation and revitalization,  phytoremediation of drastically contaminated sites with their biostabilization, restoration ecology, disturbed rural and urban area sustainable development, and eco-monitoring  of  newly developed ecosystems on rehabilitated industrial sites. 

About The Reclamation and Revitalization Center (RRC) :

RRC in newly established part of IATI initiative in 2015, at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. The RRC is aimed at commercialization of researches results and conduct R&D projects for the practical implementation of reclamation, revitalization and restoration concept. The RRC experts have experiences in collaboration with industrial and mine companies, and The State Forests National Forest Holding and more.

New members of Center and call for grants application are kindly invited.


Reclamation and Revitalization Center
Marcin Pietrzykowski Ph.D.
Tel. +48 12 6625302
e-mail: rlpietrz@cyf-kr.edu.pl
Krakow , Poland


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