Competency Center for Raw Materials Processing Surowce

Competency Center for Raw Materials Processing within Institute of Non-ferrous Metals is carries out  research and development activities in the fields of minerals processing, extractive metallurgy  (pyro- and hydrometallurgy), environment protection and analytical chemistry.

The center presents a wide offer of research and technological services in the area of:

  • examinations of physicochemical and mineralogical properties of non-ferrous ores and concentrates, coal, waste and secondary materials
  • development of technology for enrichment of ores and minerals as well as waste and secondary materials
  • development of new and upgrading of existing processing machines and devices
  • methods of charge preparation for metallurgical processes by briquetting, granulating, sintering and roasting
  • pyrometallurgical processes of metals production from concentrates, scrap and waste as well as fire refining of metals
  • examination of physicochemical properties of substrates and products of extractive metallurgy processes (viscosity, melting point, thermograms in the air and in the controlled atmosphere)
  • development of electrowinning and electrorefining processes
  • new hydrometallurgical technologies for base and by-product metals production
  • new technologies for obtaining and refining of precious metals
  • wastes valorisation and industrial effluents purification,
  • development of technologies for industrial emissions limitation
  • development and validation of analytical methods
  • CRMs of metals and their alloys designing and production.

The Center possesses strong research and technology facility in 5 IMN research and development departments:

Team of specialists-researchers and modern equipment, including pilot installations,  in the above-mentioned IMN units creates strong research and development competences, which determine potential of the Center.

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