Economic-social center for supporting the implementation of technologies in the mineral industry Surowce

Economic-social center for supporting the implementation of technologies in the mineral industry, coordinated by the Faculty of Organization and Management and the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology performs in the area OT 8 Minerals and concentrates on the following research problems:
• Economics of mineral industry, including cost management in mineral industry, assessment of the return on investment projects in mineral industry
• Business and technique ethics, including ethical, social and ecological aspects of sustainable development and sustainable management of mineral resources
• Evaluation of technologies and their social and ecological impact
• Company value pricing in the mineral industry
• Risk identification and assessment in the enterprises from mineral industry
• Economic-financial analysis of enterprises from mineral industry
• Innovation management
• Capital management and cost of capital optimization in mineral industry
• Land and post-mining object reclamation and development of degraded urban areas
• Town planning, urban studies and operational plans of land development on post-mining areas
• Problems of sustainable land management
• Industrial architecture and industrial planning

We search for the partners in the following research areas:
1. Competitiveness improvement of production through developing the model of production controlling using econometric-statistical methods
2. Cost account of mining production in a hard coal mine
3. Trychotomic risk assessment in a company using fuzzy sets
4. Development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in the mining enterprises
5. Sustainable development in the mining enterprises including the company life cycle

Aneta Michalak

Silesian University of Technology

Faculty of Organization and Management

41-800 Zabrze, Poland

Ul. Roosevelta 26

e-mail: aneta.michalak@polsl.pl


tel. +48 32 277 73 36

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