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Defense and defense technologies in state security

The “Defense and defense technologies in state security” Competence Center is a part of the Institute of Highway Technology and Innovation (IATI) Consortium. It operates alongside the Faculty of Security Studies and the Faculty of Management of the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces in Wroclaw. There are 11 organizational units from 6 leading academic centers outside of the General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces engaged in the activity of the Competence Center. All partners have extensive experience in the implementation of science and research projects related to security and state defense technologies. The Competence Center and collaborating institutions have a modern research infrastructure which allows them to carry out innovative research in areas that are compatible with their scientific specialization.

Among the key competences of the Center are:

  • evaluation and costs of life cycle of armament systems;
  • military equipment repair systems;
  • the possibilities of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV);
  • shaping fatigue life on the basis of selected superstructure of high-mobility all terrain passenger vehicles;
  • identification of material properties in terminal ballistics;
  • the effect of shock waves caused by explosions on various geometrical objects;
  • numerical and mathematical modeling of fast-changeable phenomena;
  • application of composite materials for military purposes;
  • construction and exploitation of firearms and ammunition;
  • drivetrainsandcomfort of militarywheeled and tracked vehicles;
  • internal and external security;
  • military security;
  • transport security;
  • technical and chemical security;
  • crisis management;
  • border security.


The Competence Center proposes cooperation in the following areas and research projects:

  • modeling the deformation of modern composite materials subjected to the influence of fast-changeable phenomena;
  • methods of increasing the effectiveness of energy absorption and dispersion by the armor of vehicles used in military action;
  • innovative power of sources supply for low power electronic systems that use recycled energy with the use of Smart materials;
  • the wireless network integrated sensor system in tactical and operational action as an element of the ISTAR system of contemporary battlefields;
  • civilian planning (security);
  • public safety;
  • monitoring ofbuildings and territoryin order to detectthreatsof crimeand terrorism;
  • monitoring and identifying threats to the security of citizens, organized crime and terrorism;
  • integrated administration in crisis situations;
  • the infrastructure of the basic branches of transport in crisis situations – the use of military road and bridge constructions;
  • defense against mass threats;
  • ammonium nitrate – a high-energy material;
  • support of the command, leadership and management process.

Contact information:
The “Defense and defense technologies in state security” CC Coordinator
Assoc Prof Marian Żuber
tel.: +48 261 658 550
e-mail: marian.zuber@awl.edu.pl

Assoc Prof Marian Żuber
The “Defense and defense technologies in state security” CC
Akademia Wojsk Lądowych imienia generała Tadeusza Kościuszki
ul. Czajkowskiego 109
51 – 147 Wrocław

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