Center of resource-efficient economy in environmental engineering Zielonagospodarka

The Center of resource-efficient economy in environmental engineering is one of two Centers operating under the Highway of Innovation and Technology Institute (IATI) and appointed by the University of Zielona Góra. Its scope of expertise covers areas such as: “Energy and Cogeneration Technologies of Energy efficiency and rationalization energy management”; “Green economy” and “Environment”. Primarily engaged  in the activity of the center are the Institute Environmental Engineering at the University of Zielona Góra and the Science and Technology Park at the University of Zielona Góra Ltd.; however, the cooperation in realization of the research and research – development projects is also under taken with other scientific institutions and enterprises of all sizes and business profiles. The most important partners are, among others,  EDF Polska S.A., KGHM, The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE), The Regional Directorate of State Forest in Zielona Góra, DATERM Sp. z o.o., Kronopol S.A. and The PGE Capital Group. The R&D potential and experience of the Center, including the one resulting from previously completed works in industry, allow for a comprehensive implementation of the research and research-development projects in selected thematic areas with national as well as foreign partners.

The key qualification of the Center of resource-efficient economy in environmental engineering are, among others:

  • design and multi criteria optimization of sewerage and water supply, including water supply, sewer and district heating networks, as well as internal installations (sanitary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning);
  • computer modeling and simulation of technologies, systems and processes in environmental engineering, among others, associated with optimization of the use of resources, including energy;
  • application of rational methods of reducing energy consumption in buildings with particular emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources and cogeneration;
  • design of optimal solutions for energy sources (centralized and dispersed) and energy distribution systems;
  • use of sorption energy systems in order to improve energy, economic and environmental efficiency of district heating systems and energy sources;
  • advanced methods of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment with material recovery;
  • biological waste treatments methods: composting or fermentation;
  • diagnosing the state of environment (environmental monitoring) – factors, types and effects of degradation of individual elements of environment.


Proposed areas of research and research-development projects are:

  • optimization of sewerage and water supply, and energy sources in order to meet environmental requirements without reducing the quality of life and of air;
  • research projects in the field of effective production, distribution and use of energy;
  • research on the possibility of generating and releasing heat energy and on improving its balance by means of unconventional heat energy sources;
  • research projects using computer simulation software to solve problems concerning optimization of multi-criterion technology, systems and processes in environmental engineering;
  • comprehensive optimization of sanitary and rainwater sewage disposal from a specific area;
  • planning and designing waste management systems in circular economy (which guarantee the minimization of landfilled waste and sewage sludge);
  • research on recycling material and organic recycling of municipal and industry wastes;
  • diagnoses of effects of degradation factors in areas with different functionalities.


Coordinator of the Centre
dr inż. Piotr Ziembicki
tel.: +48 68 328 25 70
e-mail: p.ziembicki@iis.uz.zgora.pl

Correspondence Adress:
Instytut Inżynierii Środowiska
ul. prof. Z. Szafrana 15
65-516 Zielona Góra
tel: +48 68 328 26 37
faks: +48 68 324 72 90


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