ENGINE Center Technologie informacyjne i telekomunikacyjne (ICT)

Activity of the ENGINE Centre involves many institutions, including foreign institutions collaborating within the ENGINE project (http://engine.pwr.edu.pl), Polish scientific institutions and companies. A variety of affiliates of the ENGINE Centre results in a broad spectrum of competencies and skills of the Centre, in the research, development and commercialization of research results areas.

Centre of Innovative Information Technologies ENGINE focuses its research and development activity in the area of ​​the so-called network intelligence, that is intelligent techniques, methods and models, and applications, as presented in Fig. 1.

To make smart decisions on compound practical tasks, the new and innovative solutions that use effective computing systems and flexible, non-standard method of data acquisition and user communication, are needed. The network intelligence groups versatile methods of effective computing using distributed computer network environment, intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) and smart decision making. Smart decisions are especially achieved by means of intelligent processing and analysis, and by discovering associations and connections within networked, complex, distributed and dynamic data sets and streams.


The key competences:

  • Natural language engineering and semantic networks
  • Network science
  • Intelligent techniques in vision systems
  • User modelling and human-computer interaction
  • Distributed computing
  • Content-oriented networking
  • Sensor networks

Key competences (with requirements relating to: efficiency calculations, generating a smart decision, and smart interfaces):

  • Machine learning and knowledge acquisition from different types of data
  • Analysis of complex networks
  • Computing in the cloud
  • Natural language engineering and semantic networks
  • Vision systems
  • User modelling and human-computer interactions
  • Cloud computing
  • Content-oriented networking
  • Sensor networks


The proposed research areas:

  • Data analysis to support the development of companies, decision support systems
  • Social media analysis
  • Analyzing the behavior of customers / users
  • Design and implementation of intelligent systems supporting the process of medical decision making based on analysis of data and medical images
  • Document retrieval on the basis of text and/or images similarity
  • Design and implementation of a system to automatically detect dangerous situations for the elderly and sick in their apartments
  • Searching similar images to the input image in image and / or documents resources
  • Intelligent systems,
  • Intelligent computing systems, optimization and decision support (e.g., Planning systems, distribution of resources, productivity optimization),
  • Analyzing diffusion processes in complex networks,
  • The use of artificial intelligence in scheduling problems,
  • Design and implementation of systems of extracting information from large collections of text documents in Polish,
  • Thematic clustering and categorization of text documents,
  • Design and implementation of systems of text documents processing – different aspects,
  • Design and implementation of automatic recording of verbal descriptions, e.g., Systems for doctors describing medical images,
  • Design and implementation of systems of Business Intelligence and Data Mining,
  • Expert opinions in the field of innovation for IT systems,
  • Consultation and assessment of solutions,
  • Pre-deployment analysis systems for enterprises and administrations,
  • Analysis of computerization of enterprises and administrations, validating the concept and design assumptions for the deployment of ICT (application software, system, computer networks, VoIP, network integration),
  • Analysis of user requirements, evaluation and consultation of projects of telecommunication networks and systems development, feasibility study,
  • Evaluation of technical bids for computerization of companies and administrations,
  • Assistance in preparing tender documentation in the field of studies of requirements and criteria for selection of ICT systems,
  • Security audits of IT systems and software licensing,
  • Opinions and consultation of security projects, networks and information systems, and security policy,
  • Comparative analysis of computer hardware and software
  • Organization of training in the field of science and ICT technology.

(Polski) Radosław Michalski

e-mail: radoslaw.michalski@pwr.edu.pl

(Polski) Projekty:
Horizon 2020 – call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 – Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing (RENOIR)
Program Opus 11

  • dr habPrzemysław Kazienko, kwota: 685 950 zł, temat projektu: Modele, metody i algorytmy obliczeniowej nauki o sieciach

Program Sonata 10

  • dr inż. Radosław Michalski, kwota dofinansowania: 148 450 zł, temat projektu: Dyfuzja informacji w temporalnych sieciach społecznych

Program Sonata 11

  • dr inż. Tomasz Kajdanowicz, kwota: 292 050 zł, temat projektu: Metody uczenia i wnioskowania dla dynamicznych sieci złożonych
  • dr inż. Piotr Bródka, kwota: 291 400 zł, temat projektu: Rozprzestrzenianie się wpływu w sieciach wielowarstwowych

Program Preludium 11

  • mgr inż. Łukasz Augustyniak, kwota:  81 400 zł, temat projektu: Obliczeniowa metoda analizy retoryki danych tekstowych z wykorzystaniem grafów
  • mgr inż. Piotr Szymański, kwota: 70 600 zł, temat: Dzielenie przestrzeni etykiet w klasyfikacji wieloetykietowej z zastosowaniem metod eksploracji danych


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