MINE.THE.GAP International Clustering Workshop

The MINE.THE.GAP project partners invite you to participate in an International Clustering Workshop to develop new project ideas for the raw materials value chain. The workshop aims to stimulate new interregional clustering activities and project ideas among the participants.

It will take place in Porto, Portugal, on 26 October 2022.

What’s the agenda?

The morning session will focus on experience sharing. The GREENPEG project and selected MINE.THE.GAP-funded SMEs will present their innovative technologies and experience with EU funding programme. In addition, there will be a presentation on how clusters stimulate the interregional collaboration of companies and help to bring companies closer to EU grants.
The interactive session in the afternoon allows participants to share project ideas, learn about upcoming calls and get to know potential project partners. Different themes are provided and each group will be guided by a facilitator.

Please see the agenda here.

Who can participate?

Companies, clusters, research institutes and other relevant actors in the raw materials sector are welcome to bring your ideas over and join the discussion. The workshop also provides a great opportunities to network with people interested in solving problems through innovation.

Are there any costs?

The workshop will be a physical meeting held in English. It is free of charge to all those who wish to attend.

Where do I register?

Please register here until 14 September 2022: Registration Workshop

Who organises the workshop?

The workshop is led by the H2020 MINE.THE.GAP project which consists of nine experienced clusters, one RTO and one association across Europe. In addition, the co-organiser H2020 GREENPEG project will provide support by sharing their innovative technologies for exploration and potential follow up research ideas. The collaboration serves the project objective of clustering between EU-funded projects.