8th International Seminar on Modern Polymeric Materials for Environmental Applications

This Seminar, the eighth such event, is intended to give the opportunity to researchers, particularly Ph.D. students, interested in synthesis, characterisation and processing of modern polymeric (nano) materials and biomaterials for environmental applications, to meet and to present and discuss the results of their research. The aim of the seminar is to further the understanding of polymers and especially structure-properties relationships in advanced environmentally-friendly macromolecular materials.

The scope of the seminar encompasses homo polymers, copolymers, blends, hybrids and (nano)composites that are either biodegradable (biocompatible) or may have a positive influence on the environment, e.g. in photovoltaics, conducting/electroluminescent devices and energy storage. The seminar programme will comprise keynote lectures, oral presentations and posters. Peer-reviewed conference proceedings, abstracted by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), will be published with an ISBN number.

More details: www.mpm2023.pl