Central Mining Institute

Central Mining Institute (GIG) during its near 90-years activity has achieved leading position in Poland and abroad creating science development in such disciplines as mining, engineering geology and environment engineering and also in other specialties connected directly or indirectly with these disciplines, particularly new directions of sourcing and usage of coal combustible.

The Institute’s activity concentrates at problem-solving of mineral resources exploitation industry, especially underground coal and metal ores mining. Exploitation industry of these resources creates complex problems in the range of work safety, applied technologies, environment protection and in social sphere. GIG has highly qualified staff and experience in these research fields, disposes unique databases, research fields and specialist laboratories equipped with the facilities of the newest generation. The Institute uses its experience to develop new scientific specialties and to take up the world’s most important research topics in the range of clean coal technologies such as: underground coal gasification, CO2 storage and sequestration, hydrogen production from coal, zero-emission fossil fuel energy production, renewable energy resources and non-metal material engineering.

One of the most important directions of scientific research conducted in within the frame of the Central Mining Institute activity is work safety in mining. Significant research and intellectual potential of the Institute is focused on it. Works for exploitation industry of mineral resources traditionally have been concentrated on the researches referring to sustainable development of this industry that is work safety, production efficiency improvement and minimization of mining exploitation impact on environment. Production of the mineral resources should be not only effective but also should meet the requirements of work safety, environment protection and social approval. Thereby there is a demand for coherent, interdisciplinary research thematics connected with modern mining, comprising of geoengineering and environment engineering at mining and post-mining sites, social problems, specific aspects of energy safety based on coal combustible usage.

Website www.gig.eu
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