General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces

General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław (MULF) is         a public military-civilian higher education school with legal personality. The essence                of MULF’s university mission is to educate the graduates who will offer their knowledge for the civilian and military service for the Republic of Poland.

Currently, the University educates approximately 3,000 military and civilian students at two faculties: the Faculty of Security Sciences and the Faculty of Management, as well as at the Institute of Command. Every year around 1,000 new students start their education at MULF. The students have the possibility to enrol for the first and the second cycle programmes in the fields of “National Security”, “Safety Engineering”, “Management” and “Leadership”. There is a choice of several specialties: “Local Security”, “Crisis Management”, “Technical Safety Engineering”, “Civil Security Engineering”, “Crisis Management”, “Organization Management”, “Human Resource Management”, “Logistics Management” and “Personnel Administration”. MULF also has the right to award doctoral degrees at two faculties of the University in the field of management science and security sciences.

The scientific research conducted by its cadre, are consistent with the areas of interest and expertise of the MULF, and they belong to the leading proceedings both in Poland and abroad. A particular emphasis is placed on security science, defence science, and engineering science focused on a development of technology designed for the security of the state. Numerous publications and scientific awards for our academic staff proves high standards and proficiency of research conducted by the university.

The University works closely with a number of research centres in Poland and abroad. It includes both the implementation of joint research programs, as well as student exchanges. MULF also cooperates with industry. Contracts are signed with private and public companies working for the benefit of the Polish Armed Forces. They include various areas, such as science, research, development, service and expertise. Our efforts seek to improve the dissemination and implementation of research results, in particular in public institutions responsible for defence and national security.

General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław actively participates in consortia aimed at the development of dual-use technology, the implementation of joint projects, the exchange of information and experience, as well as the coordination and consolidation of the efforts of representatives of science and industrial centres in the area of national security.

Website https://www.awl.edu.pl
Adress Piotra Czajkowskiego 109, 51-147 Wrocław