Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal

Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal is a research institute established in 1955, under  supervision of Polish Minister of Economy. The mission of the Institute is to deliver innovative solutions in fields of carbon chemistry, energy, mining and waste processing, enabling
the effective use of fossil and alternative fuels. Researches carried out by the Institute are based on actual and perspective needs of power, heat, coking and waste management industries and involve issues of environmental protection. The Institute is categorize as A unit and employs 185 workers.

As a part of the Institute, there is Clean Coal Technologies Center, European leading center of innovative researches on clean carbon processing.

The scope of actual conceptual competences and market activities of the Institute is divided into five basic, crucial for Poland, research areas:

1)      Thermochemical conversion of solid fuels for energy and chemical industry – including renewable fuels for energy production, pyrolysis and gasification of coal and biomass, oxy-combustion and innovative liquefaction of coal.

2)      Rational individual and municipal heating systems based on coal and biomass – including reduction of low emission from houses, by development of small capacity boilers, as well as classified, low-emission fuels.

3)      Thermal processes for energy recovery from waste and solid recovered fuels – including wastes compacting, pyrolytic conversion and gasification of wastes, incl. sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

4)      Long- term processes for energy production from fossil fuels – including development
of chemical oxygen loop combustion and gasification of fuels, calcium looping process, photocatalytic water decomposition for hydrogen production.

5)      Effective and environmental friendly coke industry and coal derivatives processing – including novel technology for coke oven battery feed preparation, novel environmental protection technics in coking, alternative systems of coking of coal.

Actions of the Institute are also focused on the development of low- and zeroemission energy production methods involving CCT (Clean Coal Technology), CCS and CCU (Carbon Capture & Storage and Carbon Capture & Utilization) technologies, as well as renewable energy production technologies.

 Professionalism and leading position of the Institute is confirmed by the cooperation with many national and foreign research and industrial centers. The Institute is a member of
CC Poland Plus group, a part of KIC InnoEnergy group. It is also a member of The Integrated Scientific and Technological Institute, ENVITECH-Net Network – Environmental Protection Technology and many Technological Platforms. The Institute cooperates with The National Energy Technology Laboratory of the US Department of Energy (DOE/NETL) and is the initiator and the founder of “LABIOMEN” network. It also supervises the activities of 111th and 144th Technical Committees of The Polish Committee for Standardization.


The high quality of the Institute activities and services is confirmed by many certificates and prizes i.e. Quality Management system Certificate no 2008/4/2013 together with IQNet Certificate no PL/2008/4/2013 granted by PCBiC SA, The Certificate of Testing Laboratory
no AB 081, The Certificate of Proficiency Testing Provider No PT 004. In 2014 the Institute was awarded with The Highest Quality Programme Quality International 2014 award, Silesia Brand 2014 and Forbes Diamonds 2014.

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