Institute of Non Ferrous Metals

The Institute is the main research and development centre of Polish non-ferrous metals industry with staff of 500 employees and for 60 years it conducts a complex activity for the industry in the following fields:
– ores, other minerals and secondary materials treatment,
 pyro- and hydrometallurgy,
 environmental protection,
 metals processing,
 material engineering – new materials,
 chemical power sources.
 analytical chemistry,
The research and development works carried out by the Institute have applicable character mostly, what enables direct implementation of the results in the non-ferrous metals industry and in other industrial branches connected with non-ferrous metals production and application
The Institute’s strength lies in its innovative activity. The patents obtained by IMN cover inventions in all the fields of its activity, from ore treatment to processing of all non-ferrous metals and also in the field of environmental protection, automation and new materials.
The most significant Institute’s solutions are, among others: new flotation machines, intensification of the process of copper and lead production and technologies for recovery of by-product metals, development of new zinc alloys for galvanising, new solders, electric contact materials, amorphous and nanocrystalline materials.
In the field of materials engineering the latest Institute’s developments focused on the modern composite materials exhibit thermoelectric, magnetocaloric, superconductive and other functional properties.

Website www.imn.gliwice.pl
Adress (Polski) Sowińskiego 5
44-100 Gliwice