Instytut Spawalnictwa w Gliwicach

Instytut Spawalnictwa (Institute of Welding) in Poland, is a research centre (category A) playing a role of the Polish Welding Centre. It was established in 1945. The Institute conducts research and development works, offers expert opinions, advice, supervision, testing services, training, certification, attestation and other services resulting from needs of customers in the field of welding, pressure welding, brazewelding, cutting and allied technologies. It has the certified quality management system in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.

Research potential and the international and Polish certificates and authorisations obtained from European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF), International Institute of Welding (IIW) and Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA) enable Institute to conduct mutual collaboration with Poland’s and foreign research centres as well as with approximately 7000 enterprises from over 100 industrial branches using welding technology.

Instytut Spawalnictwa is accredited by PCA as an organisation for certification of welding products and processes, welding and NDT personnel, quality management systems and Factory Production Control. Moreover the Institute is authorised by the Ministry of Economy and since 1 May 2004 has been notified in the European Union as a unit acting in the scope of testing and certification of products, quality systems and personnel, rendering services for the purpose of CE marking by Polish and foreign producers.

Instytut Spawalnictwa employs 160 employees, including 70 specialists engaged in research and development works. To date the researchers of Instytut Spawalnictwa have participated in the numerous international and home research projects.

The collaboration of Instytut Spawalnictwa with the industry consists, among other things, in preparation for the implementation of innovative solutions. This activity being the main way of transfer of innovations from science to the industry is perceived at Instytut Spawalnictwa as one of the most important strategic goals.

Instytut Spawalnictwa is also Poland’s leading establishment in the area of education of welding staff. In the field of organisation and conducting of welding courses in accordance with the international requirements the Institute, like institutions of this type from other European Union countries, collaborates with the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting and International Institute of Welding. To date at Instytut Spawalnictwa the diplomas of European/International Engineer, Technologist, Specialist and Practitioner, i.e. personnel responsible for welding technology in the enterprise, have obtained over 4000 persons.


Website www.is.gliwice.pl
Adress (Polski) Błogosławionego Czesława 16-18
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