Wroclaw University of Technology

Wrocław University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow – the two most prominent technical universities in Poland – are the leaders of the Consortium. For many years, they have consistently implemented the policy of knowledge and technology transfer to the economy.

During the last 5 years, Wrocław University of Technology submitted over 600 patent applications, becoming the undisputed leader in this area in Poland. In the years 2007-2013, the university also completed a number of R&D projects, in particular:
• 55 projects within the 7th Framework Programme,
• 3 projects within the Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation,
• 6 projects within the Coal and Steel Fund,
• 86 projects within Structural Funds financed from Operating Programmes.
The total value of 110 scientific and research projects initiated in 2013 alone exceeded € 40 million .

Wrocław University of Technology has completed an impressive complex of research facilities. In the modern Technopolis facility research in the fields of control engineering, robotics, computer science, electronics, and telecommunications is performed. Here, research teams have access to world-class equipment and laboratories (including an anechoic chamber or the so-called “clean room”). In the Geocentrum facility, research focuses on technologies and techniques in sectors related to Earth sciences: the raw materials sector, construction sector, civil engineering and environmental engineering.

The University is constantly improving its operations, for example by implementing process management, aiming at increasing the efficacy of cooperation with the business sector and allowing to view the joint performance of various projects with business partners from a different angle.

Cooperation with the industry is focused at the Centre of Cooperation between Science and Industry. The Centre’s staff has experience and competence in organizing and coordinating the process of cooperation between university units and entities of the economy. The Centre runs an integrated database containing information on the University’s scientific potential, modern technologies, and available research equipment.

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