AGH-UST and IATI Representatives Visiting Campus Iberus

AGH-UST and IATI Representatives Visiting Campus Iberus

On 25-27 April 2017 the representatives of AGH-UST, headed by Prof. Jerzy Lis, the Vice-Rector for Cooperation,  paid a visit to Spain, in response to the invitation issued by Campus Iberi- an association of universities on the Ebro River Valley. The IATI Institute was represented by Prof. Joanna Kulczycka, the  Administration Officer of IATI,

„Futute vision-based on excellence’- that is the  motto shared by Campus Iberus members in their everyday work. Campus Iberus is a strategic alliance of four public universities in the Ebro River Valley: universities of Zaragoza, the public university of Navarra, La Rioja  and Lleida University. These four universities are supported by the private sector and many other partners  involved in research and science.

The main objective of the Campus Iberus group is quality and international excellence, at the same time fostering the links with the manufacturing sector. “Campus Iberus’ covers a number of research areas, intelligent strategies being one of the key topics. The main areas addressed by Campus Iberus include: Agriculture and Nutrition, Energy and Environment, ICT for Health and Cultural Heritage, Remembrance and Identity.

Another main goal of the Campus Iberus is to work out a  policy of collaboration with domestic and international universities; major efforts are made to strengthen the institutional aspects of transborder collaboration. “Campus Iberus’ has already engaged in activities aimed to develop a transborder program fostering collaboration with Tulusa and Pau univiersities.

After 6 years’ work, “Campus Iberus” was listed as a case study by the Joint Research Centre (JRC IPTS) of the European Commission under the heading ‘Universities- mobilisation towards intelligent specialisation’.

During a most intensive visit, the delegates managed to pay a visit to every university being a member of Campus Iberus. The meetings included presentations of major research areas of university department units and of the consortia formed within the Campus Iberus involving external partners and investors.

This visit of IATI Institute representatives evidences their effective relationships with Campus Iberus. In 2016 the representatives of Spanish universities took part in the session of the Research and Industry Council, discussing the plan for the association of universities. The plan was very well received by the IATI Institute partners who for the next 6 months hosted students from 4 Campus Iberus universities within the framework of an international pilot program.

Campus Iberus universities differ in research profiles and the major areas range from food quality, ICT innovations for nutrition to sustainable energy and environment, bioenergy, technology for health, telemedicine,  right through to territorial identity  and development.


AGH-UST has now actively collaborated with Spanish universities. Over 70 agreements  between partners within the framework of ERASMUS+ project and 6 general agreements evidence the excellent bilateral relations. Presentation of our university has received a great deal of attention  during the visit, which may result in new agreements in the next semesters.


The wide range of research activities at Campus Iberus universities creates new opportunities for co-operation both for AGH-UST and IATI Institute, in numerous fields.  The mission of the IATI Institute is building the relationships and  confidence, and fostering contacts required for effective implementation of research projects and creating the environment encouraging and enhancing the collaboration between all involved partners, both domestic and from abroad. Thanks to the fruitful visit to Spain, in the nearest future the IATI Institute will shortly commence its official co-operation with Campus Iberus and with partner universities.


  1. Campus Iberus

pdf-icon – Inter-university R&I consortia – Jorge Martinez, Delegate in Brussels

pdf-icon – Campus Iberus, A strategic alliance, a model of aggregation


pdf-icon – AGH University of Science and Technology

pdf-icon –  Cooperation between science and industry

3. Lleida University

pdf-icon – Agrofood Science and Technology Parc of Lleida

pdf-icon – Agrofood and Biotechnology Development Centre

pdf-icon – Escola Polytecnica Superior

pdf-icon – Eurecat

pdf-icon  – School of Agrifood and Forestry Science and Engineering

pdf-icon – Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia

pdf-icon – Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia II

pdf-icon – Robotics and Signal Processing Research Group

pdf-icon – Rectorates Science Policy and International Relations

4. Public University of Navarra

pdf-icon – Institute for Advanced Research in Business and Economics

pdf-icon – Institute of Smart Cities

pdf-icon – Research Institute on Innovation – Sustainable Development in Food Change

pdf-icon – Office for International Relations and Cooperation

pdf-icon – Research Management Unit

pdf-icon – UNAMAT – Institute for Advanced Materials

pdf-icon – Vicerectorate for International Relations

5. University in Rioja

pdf-icon – Best Practices for International Experiences

pdf-icon – University in Rioja – Institutional Presentation

pdf-icon – University in Rioja – Research and Science

6. University in Zaragoza

pdf-icon – Autonomous sensing platforms for health, security and environmental applications -ASAP, University of Zaragoza

pdf-icon – Health Interuniversity Consortium

pdf-icon – Food Impact Interuniversity Consortium

pdf-icon – Functional Food Interuniversity Consortium

pdf-icon – Health Multimodal Interuniversity Consortium

pdf-icon – SensoNEURODEG Interuniversity Consortium

pdf-icon – Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems (Bifi)

pdf-icon – AgriFood Research Institute of Aragón (IA2)

pdf-icon – Aragón Institute for Engineering Research

pdf-icon – Aragón Materials Science Institute

pdf-icon – The Institute of Nanoscience and Laboratory of Advanced Microscopies

pdf-icon – Institute for Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis

pdf-icon – Environmental Sciences Institute of the University of Zaragoza

pdf-icon – University of Zaragoza, Institutional Presentation