METS 2018 10-12.04.18 – Madrid

The METS conference and trade show will take place for the first time in Madrid in spring 2018. The event will provide an opportunity for EU and Latin American partners to meet in person to further realize the vision of a mutually beneficial and continuous cooperation in mining and all related sectors.
The conference will feature speakers who are at the forefront of the non-energy extractive industry. These individuals will include experts in fields such as technology, consulting services, infrastructure, investment, trade, training and skills, health and safety, good governance and other relevant areas of the mining value chain.
The trade show will be a dynamic exhibition where partners can gather firsthand information and promote their technologies, companies and organizations

More information and registration – www.mets2018.eu
The conference is free of charge but the number of seats is limited!

Date: 10-12 April 2018
Conference Venue: Madrid Marriott Auditorium and Conference Center

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