Summer school of ENVIREE project

AGH University of Science and Technologyorganizes the summer school of the international project ENVIREEin 27-28th April 2017.

The ENVIREE project, funded from ERA – MIN programme, aims at recovery of REE (rare earths elements) from secondary sources such as tailings and mining waste.

The main target of this Summer School are MSc and PhD students but also industry, researchers, policy makers, environmental organizations, wanting to get familiar with sustainable use of resources , especially recovery of Rare Earths from secondary sources.

The summer school topics comprise environmental impact of REE recovery, including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and also land reclamations techniques for residues after beneficiation ofthe secondary sources of REE.


No fees will be charged for registration and attendance. Certification of presence will be given to registered participants. Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided by organizers. Accommodation for students will be provided in a student hostel at AGH campus.

The Krakow Summer School programme could be found here


Interested participants are kindly requested to register on-line:


The ENVIREE web-site