Webiniar “Can a doughnut help us recover from Covid-19?”, 24.02.2021 at 4:00PM

We would like to invite to webinar organised by Doughnut Economics – new economic model and mindset that operates “in the space between a social foundation and an ecological ceiling.”

What? Webiniar: “Can a doughnut help us recover from Covid-19?”

When? On 24 February at 4:00pm 

Where? ZOOM


Much of the discussion will focus on the role of the development agencies in supporting a transition “from GDP to doughnut” around the world.   

Discussion questions:

How can we build a post-COVID doughnut economy?

What does doughnut economics look like in emerging and developing markets?

How can the global community/development partners support emerging economies to building back better using the doughnut model?

This webinar is organized jointly by the Green Growth Knowledge Partnership (GGKP) and Korea Green Growth Trust Fund, World Bank Group.