RACE (Raw and Circular Economy Expedition) is open for applications

Dear partners and friends of the EIT RawMaterials Community,

The EIT RawMaterials community is working to secure raw materials supply for Europe’s green transition – and to ensure that we have talent with innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets ready to take on the challenge. To help support this aim, our flagship Raw and Circular Economy Expedition (RACE) 2022 Summer School for Master and PhD students will take place from 20 August to 3 September and is now open for applications.

RACE gives aspiring raw materials professionals the opportunity to connect, learn and innovate for pressing raw materials challenges. During the two-week programme, students gain exposure to industry, and take on real industrial challenges, listen to expert speakers and gain insight on entrepreneurship and innovation.

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic master’s students from EIT RawMaterials partner universities who are studying disciplines including Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Sustainability, Materials Science, Materials Recycling, Industrial Ecology, Environmental Management and Policy, Mining, Metallurgy, Business, Economics or similar to take on the challenge. We’re also looking for PhD students, Post-Docs or young professionals in the raw materials field who are willing to join the RACE as facilitators.

Students can find out more and apply by visiting the RACE 2022 website (https://secure-web.cisco.com/1E5rGLlC1NFsYvUHahKGOsYOqXnWhjcuLr7eahZIAqZAbMpeaI7CCYQIiSd0EkwsCJTukppEhqoPEvzjUe-GBPE_Wactz4SS4Wuerc2hwR19ZlGbcspJNDEHd_p0abaUvbAlfbCbYDM-P9TaSmhu14cvQy9-fMfZzXruTQ0vw84QyHliuPK6HHdodaneYgp8urH68N1BjEEiHRSdBv_WOJD6_SA-9Mxk-1_1TJdvObmdragxBqozGlcIZVEmO4Q0CvTY4u9baxGIO7qiolZol9ev4jqziZzVdBIx3B68eVP7WRrHJ7cWTBo6ixxW92idrko2saikb2gt9dMXS3SXeZY4HnDy_A4WadeLvoWOhNzg/https%3A%2F%2Feitrm.eu%2FEITRACE2022) . The application deadline is 9 May 2022.

Thank you in advance for spreading the word in your network and helping us to support the next generation of sustainability pioneers! Please find here a flyer (https://secure-web.cisco.com/1cnd8RLgYulaO9dMwxtaO-qhaHhI33ZocIIHVuQ7Wo1NjyiMI9-zVV2xTEXXtPdW4xxR12_c7ydj_c8EG8PAl_mm_HQ2XxXYqUf2DHEXiQX5PvWyD5oIySLJKn16D03Q0IIpVKHxoJm8ju6nayoKKlwZ_ihC9wfJMFpiq-HxCqw1Y1h_p6m_PmuiJ7kgxAKckHwYXrUyg_XRXkGjm6niJTtqTGrc-dZl1xxNsFYysAcUufA3ySQfHdlPYhAakaOcNHn8xFNdY6_RcCKTaCfcLzQ0FmYGHGG9cGVYkJ90gW1H3wAiv8IgXviTfLdLFDZgAnhtmgUpnJKbMfeypSqZ9d0jOcefN9rGvZnKAVivgH6g/https%3A%2F%2Feitrawmaterials.eu%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2022%2F04%2F2022-04-04_RACE-Student-Info.pdf) with a summary of the programme.